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We are delighted to welcome you to the Near Surface Geoscience Conference & Exhibition 2024 in Helsinki! The conference will take place on 8-12 September, which is just a perfect time to visit Finland. Obviously we cannot promise anything about the weather, but our saunas will be heated up for visitors! 

Participation in EAGE NSG2024 will provide you the opportunity to enjoy three parallel programmes under a single event:

  • 30th  European Meeting of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics
  • 5th Conference on Geophysics for Mineral Exploration and Mining
  • 4th Conference on Airborne, Drone and Robotic Geophysics.

Fennoscandia is an active area for mineral exploration and mining, and we expect this event to serve as a central meeting place for both industry and academia to discuss geoscience, display products, advertise services and most of all, find solutions together. We welcome both young students and experienced professionals to join the event and make NSG2024 an unforgettable experience!

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Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline

25 April 2024

Early Registration Deadline

31 July 2024

Regular Registration Deadline

25 August 2024


8-12 September 2024

Parallel Conferences Three meetings under one event


Our annual meeting provides a platform to discuss the near surface challenges the world is currently facing. With changing energy sources and an increased awareness of environment and climate, the focus on the near surface as a resource and the wish for minimal negative impact on the near surface has been growing. It makes the conference highly relevant to society as a whole. 


Recent advances, trending topics, and novel geophysical methods in mineral exploration and mining will be presented by invited researchers from academia, industry, and government organizations. New major discoveries of base metals and REE are required for the green technologies needed to meet the target of Net Zero By 2050. These future discoveries will be located undercover, in remote areas, and so will present significant exploration challenges. Geophysics will play a major and expanding role in this crucial quest for mineral reserves.


The gap between ground-based geophysics as a suite of small-scale, profile-based and high-resolution methods on one side and airborne geophysics as large-scale, spatial coverage and mapping / low-resolution methods on the other side is steadily closing with the development of increasingly accurate and (very-)near-surface systems. This development has been going on for 15+ years in airborne electromagnetics (AEM) and has recently been accelerated by the introduction of drone- and robotics-based acquisition methods. These rapid spatial acquisition platforms enable highly efficient data coverage with resolution close to elaborate ground coupled systems.

Parallel Conferences Four meetings under one event


Our annual meeting provides a platform to discuss the near surface challenges the world is currently facing. With changing energy sources and an increased awareness of environment and climate, the focus on the near surface as a resource and the wish for minimal negative impact on the near surface has been growing. It makes the conference highly relevant to society as a whole. Topics for the meeting include mining, geotechnics, engineering geology, hydrology, geothermal investigation, environment, archaeology, forensics and soil science.


Over the last three decades, hydrogeophysics has emerged as an important sub-discipline in hydrogeology and ecohydrology. It involves investigations of the structure and processes of the subsurface environment, at different spatiotemporal scales, by identifying key properties and state variables related to water flow and solute transport. After a successful first Hydrogeophysics parallel conference in Bordeaux 2021, we are happy to continue the discussion around water, environment, agriculture and natural resources in a rapidly changing climate and their implications to build a resilient society. The Hydrogeophysics parallel conference aims to connect the science with the public sectors and governmental entities.


The Infrastructure Planning, Monitoring and BIM conference joins Edinburgh with a strong regional relevance with several large projects on their way in the UK, e.g., one of the country’s (and Europe’s) largest ever construction projects, the high speed rail connection line between London – Birmingham and further north; the Lower Thames Crossing, a new highway tunnel crossing the Thames on the east side of London; and the Thames Tideway, a 25 km super sewer for the city of London, built under the river Thames. These projects require mapping archaeology, structural investigation of existing infrastructure, testing ground engineering, and monitoring hydrogeology and tunnelling activity using geophysical and non-destructive testing/monitoring instruments. It is therefore a great opportunity to welcome newcomers including design and civil engineers, city planners and geotechnical communities to take an active role in this conference after successful presences in the Hague 2019 and Bordeaux 2021.


Globally, countries are now witnessing unprecedented expansion and growth in the offshore wind farm industry in their attempts to meet climate targets. A thorough understanding of the near/shallow sub-surface is the first critical step for any/all offshore wind farm foundation designs. In order to address both of these growing needs, EAGE introduces the 1st Conference on Sub-surface Characterisation for Offshore Wind; where-in we will delve into topics ranging from seismic acquisition and imaging to data interpretation and integration. We will also focus on the recent advancements and innovations in both qualitative and quantitative geo-modeling techniques along with the use of AI (and machine learning) and the future role of autonomous vessels in addressing the challenges in Offshore Wind.

Workshops & Field Trips Fulfil your Event Experience


Expand your knowledge and share your expertise by participating in one of our four parallel workshops taking place on Sunday 8 September!


Field Trips

Take the opportunity and join one or two of our exciting and specialised field trips, scheduled on Wednesday 11 and Thursday 12 September!

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With an array of unique promotional opportunities, we can help you design the perfect programme to enhance your company’s experience at NSG2024. The Sponsor Programme exposes attendees and businesses to your company and promotes your presence within the industry.

EAGE strives to realise recognition, long term exposure, benefits and publicity for companies that sponsor NSG2024.

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NSG proceedings in EarthDoc

All abstracts from the Near Surface Geoscience Conferences are available on the EAGE EarthDoc platform. 


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