Welcome to the 30th European Meeting of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics

Our annual meeting provides a platform to discuss the near surface challenges the world is currently facing. With changing energy sources and an increased awareness of environment and climate, the focus on the near surface as a resource and the wish for minimal negative impact on the near surface has been growing. It makes the conference highly relevant to society as a whole. 

Important Dates

Early Booth Deadline

1 March 2024

Abstract Submission Deadline

25 April 2024

Early Registration Deadline

14 July 2024

Regular Registration Deadline

18 August 2024


8-12 September 2024


Be part of the Technical Programme! Topics for the meeting include among other, geotechnics, engineering geology, hydrology, geothermal investigation, environment, archaeology and soil science.

Abstracts are welcome until 25 April 2024.

  1. Geophysics Monitoring the Effects of Climate Change
  2. Geophysics for Geothermal Energy and CO2 Storage
  3. Geophysics for Nuclear Waste Storage
  4. Geophysics in Geohazard Studies
  5. Geophysics in Engineering Geology and Geotechnical Investigations
  6. Geophysics Supporting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Government Programmes and International Development
  7. Geophysical Surveys of Cryosphere and Arctic
  8. Adapting Approaches from Oil & Gas Industry in Near Surface Geophysics
  9. Modelling, Inversion and Data-Processing in Near Surface Geophysics
  10. Geophysics in 3D Geological/Geotechnical Modelling
  11. Integrated Approaches in Near-Surface Geophysics
  12. New Technologies, Developments and Research Trends, Machine Learning
  13. Geophysical Investigations in Crystalline Rock
  14. Geophysical Investigations in Archaeology (Archaeogeophysics)
  15. Geophysical Investigations on Mining Environments
  16. Geophysical Investigations in Soils & Agriculture
  17. Geophysical Monitoring of Buildings/Structures
  18. Nearshore/Offshore Geophysical Techniques
  19. Groundwater Exploration and Hydrogeophysics
  20. Monitoring and Reservoir Characterization with Near-Surface Methods
  21. Measurement while Drilling (for Mineral Exploration, Geotechnical, Groundwater and Environmental Geo-Physics) Design/Monitoring

Scientific Committee

  • Suvi Heinonen (Chair)
    University of Helsinki
  • Esben Auken
    Aarhus University & TEMcompany
  • Esther Bloem
  • Mathieu Darnet
  • Yinshuai Ding
    University of Helsinki
  • Claudia Haase
  • Taija Huotari
  • Hannu Kaaretkoski¬†
  • Timo L√§hivaara
    University of Eastern Finland
  • Alireza Malehmir
    Uppsala University
  • Cedric Patzer
  • Johanna Salminen
    University of Helsinki 
  • Heather Schijns
    Teck Resources

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