Welcome to the 5th Conference on Geophysics for Mineral Exploration and Mining

Recent advances, trending topics, and novel geophysical methods in mineral exploration and mining will be presented by invited researchers from academia, industry, and government organizations. New major discoveries of base metals and REE are required for the green technologies needed to meet the target of Net Zero By 2050. These future discoveries will be located undercover, in remote areas, and so will present significant exploration challenges. Geophysics will play a major and expanding role in this crucial quest for mineral reserves.

Important Dates

Early Booth Deadline

1 March 2024

Abstract Submission Deadline

25 April 2024

Early Registration Deadline

14 July 2024

Regular Registration Deadline

18 August 2024


8-12 September 2024


Be part of the Technical Programme! The Fifth Conference invites papers which focus on emerging geophysical techniques for mineral exploration, novel interpretation methods, including joint inversion of multi-physics data, and challenging case studies. We encourage contributions from all over the world, especially those with a European focus and application.

Abstracts are welcome until 25 April 2024.

  1. Rock Physics of Mineral Deposits
  2. New Advances in Interpretation of Magnetic and Magnetic Gradiometry Data
  3. Gravity and Gravity Gradiometry Methods in Mineral Exploration
  4. Electrical Methods in Mineral Exploration
  5. Airborne Electromagnetic Surveys and Mapping of Mineral Resources
  6. Ground, Borehole, and Airborne IP Methods
  7. Seismic Methods in Mineral Exploration
  8. Downhole Geophysics
  9. New Developments in 3D Imaging/Inversion of Geophysical Data
  10. Joint Inversion of Multiphysics Data
  11. Exploration under Cover
  12. Geophysical Methods in Mining Engineering
  13. GPR Applications in Mining
  14. AI and Machine Learning in Mineral Exploration and Mining
  15. Innovative EU-funded Mineral Exploration Solutions
  16. Geophysics for Mine Safety

Scientific Committee

  • Musa Manzi (Chair)
    University of Witwatersrand
  • Chris Nind
    Abitibi Geophysics
  • George Apostolopoulos
    National Technical University of Athens
  • Esben Auken
    TEM Company
  • Elizabeth Baranyi
  • Bojan Brodic
    University of Witwatersrand
  • Per Gisseloe
  • Suvi Heinonen
    University of Helsinki
  • Alireza Malehmir
    Uppsala University
  • Heather Schijns
    Teck Resources
  • Milovan Urosevic
    Curtin University
  • Michael Zhdanov
    University of Utah/ TechnoImaging

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